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Uskside Amateur Radio Club
AGM Minutes 2023-2024

Minutes of the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) Of the Uskside Amateur Radio Club

Held on : Thursday 25th January 2024. Opened at 19:00

Venue : Newport Indoor Bowls Stadium Bank St,  Newport NP197HF. 

Attendees (Committee) :

Chairman: Mr. Paul Harding 

Treasurer: Mr. Mat Knight 

Secretary:  Mr. Paul Hillier 

IT / Tech: Mr. Rob Jones

Attendees (Club Members) :
Mr. David Collins,
Mr. Robert Lovesey,
Mr. Martin Blandford,
Mr. John Stevenson. 

Chairman's Report:

I would like to make you all aware I have contacted the City of Newport Model Engineering Society who have agreed to further our discussions in building a relationship with us going forward regarding the possibilities of sharing their site with our club and future events, and currently awaiting confirmation for further discussion.  

I am also making enquiries about the use of a stable ISP with suitable speed which Mr. Rob Jones has very kindly offered his assistance in making this possible so we all can benefit.

It has been proposed and accepted unanimously that annual membership fees should be reduced as of this night forward from £25 P.A to £15 P.A and club night fees to increase to £5 from £4 

Treasurer's Report:


All AGM attendees were issued with a copy of the current Uskside ARC Balence Sheet for 2023 drafted by Mr. Mat Knight and account books are available for any member to view.

The current balance brought forward to today's date is £285.00. It was agreed that an external auditor
(Mrs Eileen Kempster) would carry out a formal audit.  

Website costs have very kindly been donated by Miss Shelley Edwards to assist the club to get established, which we are very grateful for.  

Secretary's Report:

I would like to draw special attention to 3 people starting Mr. Paul Harding who has along with his partner Michelle donated a huge amount of time and effort in driving the club forward with meetings and donations helping to plant the feet of Uskside ARC on the amateur radio map. 

Mr. Mat Knight has also played an invaluable role as our treasurer and secretary, keeping club finances and bills paid along with donating his time to organising club signage and the general day-to-day running of the club.  

Mr. Rob Jones role in IT has played a significant part in making Uskside ARC stand out with our very own website and Facebook page and fair to say without his experience & skills the club would struggle to achieve such things without such knowledge and know-how

I would also like to thank our members for supporting Uskside ARC and providing valuable input with new ideas for practical learning and going forward enjoying the many aspects of amateur radio we all can enjoy at all levels. I’m happy to announce I have confirmation that Uskside ARC has now been accepted as a registered training centre by the RSGB and I personally am looking forward to making new developments in that area. 

Officer Resignation / Election of the 2024-2025 Committee:

With no new nominations having been received from the floor, the current committee stood down.

After appropriate proposals , the existing officers were re-elected to their 2023 committee roles which was unanimously seconded and carried by all attendees. 

The Meeting was Closed at 19:57

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